Take the fear out of getting in & out of the kayak with the KayaArm Kayak Launch System

  • Low cost
  • Easy/simple to use
  • Easy/simple to install
  • Safer to enter and exit your kayak
  • Compact and convenient
  • For use in fresh & tidal waters
  • Revolutionary patented design
  • Freshwater or Tidal
  • Add 2nd KayaArm to lift & store

KayaArm is the revolutionary new kayak launch stabilizing device makes it safe to enter and exit your kayak at your dock. Getting into, launching, and getting out of a kayak has never been this easy.

It is also designed to be used for kayak storage at the dock, as well as mounted on the garage, shed or carport wall to provide winter storage for your kayak.

Choose the KayaArm system that best suits your needs.

Kayak launch

Launch from your dock

Use at marine or tidal docks

Happy Kayakers!

“For the first time in several years, I have no concern getting in and out of my kayak. Wish I had purchased it earlier. I was honestly skeptical it could be so effective. Great simple design with sturdy materials”.

North Carolina, USA

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