Kayaking Basics

Welcome to “Kayaking Basics,” your comprehensive guide to the world of kayaking. Whether you’re curious about the history of the kayak, wondering about the appropriate age to start kayaking, or seeking tips on how to kayak, this is the place for you. 

Dive into the essentials of paddling and the technique of rolling a kayak, discover the health benefits of kayaking as a workout, explore kayak alternatives, and learn about kayak speed. 

For our senior adventurers, we have tailored advice on kayaking, and for those just starting out, we’ll help you find the recommended kayaks for beginners. Plus, we’ll ensure you know exactly what to take on your kayaking journey. 

Let’s set sail into the world of kayaking!

Kayaking basics: History of the kayak

History of the Kayak: Tracing its Origins and Evolution

Delve into the storied past of kayaks, from ancient Arctic origins to modern-day design, in our “History of the Kayak” section. Delve into the storied past of kayaks, from ancient Arctic origins to modern-day design, in our “History of the Kayak” section.

how to kayak. A man in a kayak on a green water river.

How to Kayak: Essential Tips for First-Timers

How to Kayak” offers step-by-step guidance for your first time on the water, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

how old do you have to be to kayak? Child in a kayak.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Kayak? Essential Age Guidelines for Young Paddlers

Discover the suitable age for solo paddling and safety tips in “How Old Do You Have to Be to Kayak.”

How to paddle a kayak - a young girl in a kayak paddling on a lake

How to Paddle a Kayak: Essential Techniques for Beginners

Master the art of maneuvering your kayak with efficient strokes in our “How to Paddle a Kayak” guide.

how to roll a kayak

How to Roll a Kayak: Mastering the Eskimo Roll Technique

Unlock the life-saving skill of righting yourself in the water by learning “How to Roll a Kayak.”

Is kayaking a good workout?

Is Kayaking a Good Workout? Unpacking the Fitness Benefits Stroke by Stroke


Kayak Speed: Boost Your Paddling Performance with Simple Tips

Understanding kayak speed is an integral part of preparing for an adventure on the water.

kayak alternatives - kayak or canoe or other?

Kayak Alternatives: Top Picks for Water Adventures Beyond the Paddle

kayaking for seniors

Kayaking for Seniors: Tips and Benefits for Safe and Enjoyable Paddling

recommended kayaks. Man in a kayak on a lake

Recommended Kayaks for Beginners: Top Picks for Your First Paddle

what to take when kayaking - a kayak enthusiast wearing hat and sunglasses

What to Take When Kayaking: Essential Gear Checklist

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