KayaArm Kayak Launch


This compact and convenient device is easy to install and simple to use.

This revolutionary new kayak launch stabilizing device makes it safer to enter and exit your kayak at your dock.

Getting into, launching, and getting out of a kayak has never been this easy.



Easy in/out of kayak. A single KayaArm is all you need to provide stabilization for launching your kayak from a dock, providing easy launch of your kayak.

$339.00 + $40.00 shipping*

*Flat rate shipping/handling charges shown are to North America only. Shipping/handling to other locations available upon request. 

Many customers find that once they have a stable kayak launch with the KayaArm, they kayak more frequently.

This package provides a stable kayak launch (one KayaArm), and the second KayaArm allows you to lift your kayak from the water and conveniently store it at the dock so it is ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Why 2 KayaArms are better than one!

Don’t like lifting your kayak from the water? Problem solved!
The KayaArm is also designed to be used for lifting your kayak from the water, kayak storage at the dock, as well as mounting on the garage, shed or car port wall to provide for seasonal storage for your kayak.

SAVE $50 on the purchase of 2 KayaArms


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